Migraine troubles.

I thought I’d write this post today because I’m on a Migraine comedown, just at the stage the pain and nausea have gone but at I’m the stage where I feel my stuffing has been knocked out of me and all I feel like doing is some casual typing on the laptop while wrapped up in a blanket.

The reason I had a Migraine this morning? I got locked out my apartment building in my pyjamas and dressing gown and in the pouring rain (I went to collect a parcel and forgot my keys) and the panic was enough to cause too much adrenaline which then gave me a migraine. I kid you not. Don’t worry though it got sorted after like half an hour of me just frantically buzzing every other apartment in the building about 100 times. Glad it got sorted because my next plan was going to be to knock on the door of every house in the street and ask to use their phone to call the police, because I know their number off my heart, I don’t know Max’s (I’m not very good at thinking rationally in a crisis).

But I do get Migraines that easily, anything that gets my adrenaline going for good or bad reasons is pretty much guaranteed to give me one.

As well as:

  • Raw Red Onion- I quite like it but it makes me feel like its made my brain swell to twice the side of my head.
  • Skipping a meal.
  • Time of the month- for pretty much the whole time. Just because feeling like all my organs are falling out isn’t enough apparently.
  • Certain perfumes, really sickly floral ones. I have to run through Debenhams and John Lewis shouting ‘Noo, don’t spritz near me!’ I do love perfumes and sprays but do just need to be fussy about scents!
  • Muggy weather where the air is really ‘close’ just before a storm comes.
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Not enough sleep, too much sleep, waking up in the night, sleeping in a weird position.
  • Hangovers (Obviously), I tend not to get a fuzzy head, just go straight in with the full blown migraine.
  • Not having a cup of tea on morning. This gets me every time, I need the caffeine! When I’ve been travelling and working abroad and tea hasn’t been readily available first thing on a morning I have managed to wean myself off it but when I’m at home, I’ve got to have a brew first thing!

Obviously some of these things I just have to avoid but some are unavoidable. Luckily I am prescribed really strong tablets which can sort me out within an hour, they just leave me feeling really sleepy and achey. But sometimes these tablets need a bit of a boost to get going (I’ve learnt this is because your metabolism slows down so much when you’re having a migraine) or sometimes, because of how they make me feel after, It’s just not really a good time to take one so have to think of some other ways to try release the pressure in my head.  Teaming up Ibuprofen and Cocodamol can work but needs to be teamed some more natural remedies too so heres some I’ve discovered really work:

  • When I get Migraines I feel really sick and lose my appetite but I do really really crave certain things. All the good stuff, starch, sugar and salt. I just ignored it but my Doctor told me I was daft to do so as my body is telling me that’s what it needs. And giving in to these cravings does really help get me back to normal quicker and eating does get your metabolism going again. The things I always go for are Cola (HAS to be full fat, the artificial sugars they use in diet options are renowned for making migraines worse and for some reason has a quicker effect when drank from a can?). Really salty nuts or crisps or McDonald’s fries, I never fancy these unless I have a migraine. Tangfastics, I keep a bag at the back of kitchen cupboard for Migraine emergencies, all the sugar just really helps the tablet kick in. Max is now well enough trained to know when I frantically rip open a bag of tangfastics to not think I’m really letting myself go and give me a judging look or say ‘tea’s in a hour, why you snacking?’, he just knows I must be feeling pretty shit. They’re a weird one though, for some people all the sugar makes them feel so much worse but for me, I literally see it as part of my medication and is guaranteed relief.
  • Acupuncture yoga mat. You might just need to really trust me on this one. I first read about them online when I was really struggling with Migraines when I lived in Italy and had to use my tablets so sparingly and the local shop didn’t have tangfastics. My tablets were available through the pharmacy there but were SO expensive I only bought them once in a really desperate situation. But once I had the acupuncture mat they really settled down. I still use it a lot now when I’ve taken a tablet but desperately trying to get it to work quicker. It’s basically just a yoga mat with loads of really sharp plastic spikes on it. Whenever I have a go without a Migraine I can’t stand it but standing on it or doing a few simple yoga moves on it when I have got a migraine really really works to quickly release the pressure. Theres a lot of science behind how it works and blood flow, hormones etc, but I would just really recommend, they’re available on amazon and not very expensive.
  • A trick I read about on a forum once, which I have found really works, is putting your feet into really hot water while draping a frozen flannel around your neck. It releases the blood thats in your head causing all the pressure and is quite an instant relief, If you’re struggling and need a quick fix I would give this one a go.
  • Olbas oil! It particularly works well if you dash some in the bottom of your shower, it creates vapour steam which makes your head feel clearer and generally a lot fresher! I’m also a big fan of wax melts for home fragrance and minty/eucalyptus ones can help too! Just like if you’re all bunged up with a cold!
  • The obvious one: going to sleep, having a nap, or atleast just lying down! I’m a rubbish napper, even when I really need to I really struggle to, but I usually listen to a relaxing playlist of an audiobook to help me chill out a bit.
  • Fresh air! The last thing you fancy with a migraine is going outside but just sitting on my balcony for a bit really helps!

So there’s a few tips I’ve found can help! Obviously everyones bodies are different and will react differently but when you’re in that much pain and anything is worth a shot!

If you have any of your own please share via the comments or emailing me at katiejade92@yahoo.com. I’ll add them to the list and they may help a migraine sufferer out!

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